Coastal Home Collective was inspired through years of travel, wanderlust and a never-ending desire to create a thoughtful, welcoming home for our family and friends.

Based on the NSW Central Coast, we have had the privilege to grow up amongst the sun, surf and vibrant local community, appreciating the laidback lifestyle that it has afforded us. With this in mind, we have sought out furniture that not only reflects this coastal lifestyle, but provide a one-of-a-kind connection to places, travels and stories from far away. 

We love the idea of furniture with a history. We never would have guessed that many years ago, an artisan in a little village in India would have hand carved an exquisite Damichya, which in the journey of its existence, made its way across the seas to a home in Australia to be cherished as something else. It is the fact that the furniture pieces are imperfect, aged with the delicate hands of time. They are not mass produced but rather up-cycled and brought back to life. It is this story untold, which inspires us.

We hope that you love our pieces of furniture as much as we love finding them for you. May they bring you and your family many years of joy.

Karen and Mark xxx




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